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Confused about my ring

D & I looked at sapphire rings. I didn’t want a diamond because of all the hype around them. Between DeBeers & blood diamonds, there’s too much to think about. But it’s a dangerous trap, to start thinking about consumption. How much conflict is “acceptable”? It’s a tough call to make, especially when there’s such conflicting information available. Here the Boston Globe implies that 19,000 children in Madagascar are mining sapphires instead of going to school, while the same pictures here are accompanied by captions describing “Mining inspections and regulations ” which “exist for relatively safe mining activity.” And the industry provides “bread and butter” (symbolic, I’m sure.)

It’s a tough call to make. I would never boycott coal simply because of the environmental impact, nor because miners have been trapped and died in mines in West Virginia.  In fact, I’ve never even heard of such an idea.  At what point does it become okay to punish the entire industry for the sins of a few players?  I am still paying my state income tax, meanwhile Sal DiMasi reported to prison.  Though he’ll pay a monetary fine as well, I hardly think it will repair our eroded trust in the state legislature.

In fact, I feel that making choices such as being vegetarian to combat world hunger, or not buy a diamond because of excessive marketing and a corrupt industry may not have the desired effect, and furthermore that type of action only underscores the futility of these choices.  I may have more thinking to do on this matter.

Update: Luckily we were looking at Platinum because now I have The Price of Gold to think about.